Mermazing FunPop Holder Pattern

Hello Merbabes !

So Summer is creeping up on us faster than I ever expected and along with it comes the little summer tradition of “Fun Pops” !! Or as me and my family called it growing up,  “Bolis” (Thank you @Crafty_Mommyx2 on Insta for helping me find the right spelling for it lol)

But as always some Summer treats have their flaws in the heat and with that came wet and cold hands that couldn’t stand holding their pops without the ache and losing feeling in their fingers hahaha so here’s my solution !! Behold the Mermazing Fun Pop Holders !! To make it even better I’ve decided to post it on my little bloggie for FREE !

I also wanted to give the option to have the pattern as a printable for a small little fee so if you want a printable version of the pattern without the ads which also includes a little diagram click HERE to purchase on Ravelry or HERE to purchase on Etsy.

This pattern is very quick and a great stash buster and it goes great with any color combination you desire! Big thank you to my Instagrammer ladies @ashleyscrochetshoppe @hooknstein @angelbunny_creations, @hooksandtwist, and @momabcrochet for testing and sending in such amazing pics of their Mermaid Tails



– CH- Chain
– Sl St- Slip Stitch
– SC- Single Crochet
– HDC- Half Double Crochet
– INC- Increase (2sc in same stitch)
– BLO- Back Loop Only
– SK- Skip
– ST- Stitch
– PICOT- (SC, ch2 and Sl St in 1st, SC) in same stitch


For these rows you’re going to Sl St to the 1st St of the Row and Ch1 to start the next Row ♡


  1. Hdc in 2nd ch from hook, hdc  in 4 after (5 total) 3hdc in last st, *turn work so you’re working on opposite side of the starting chain*,  hdc in 4st, 2hdc in next (14)

2-11– hdc in each st, sl st to first and ch1 (14)

**Tie Off and weave in any loose ends**


in each row for this pattern you’re going to ch1 and turn to start the next row 🙂


  1. 1sc in 2nd ch from hook and each after (8)
  2. (BLO) Sc in 7 (7)
  3. (BLO) Sk1, sc in 6 (6)
  4. (BLO) sc in 5 (5)
  5. (BLO) Sk1, sc in 4 (4)
  6. (BLO) sc in 3 (3)
  7. (BLO) Inc, sc in 2 (4)
  8. (BLO) sc in 3, Inc (5)
  9. (BLO) Inc, sc in 4 (6)
  10. (BLO) sc in 5, Inc (7)
  11. (BLO) Inc, sc in 6 (8) Don’t Tie Off ! Continue to make the Edge


Ch1, Sc 5 across the top ( In rows 10, 8, 6, 4 & 2) , Inc in the corner, Sc 6 along the side, Picot in the corner, Sc12 across the bottom, Picot in the corner, Sc 6 along side, Sl St to 1st st of the Edging

 ** Tie Off, leave long tail to sew Fin to the bottom of the tail**


You’re Finished !! Yaaaaaaaay ❤ I hope you all enjoyed this little freebie pattern and your littles enjoy the Mermazing Fun Pop Holders too ^-^

If you’d rather purchase your own Mermazing Fun Pop sets then click HERE to head over to my Etsy Shop

To Purchase the printable PDF to this pattern you can click ETSY or RAVELRY to purchase your copy there for a small fee ❤

If you sell items made from my pattern please credit me as the designer and link back to my blog so others can enjoy this free pattern as well ❤ You may not sell or reproduce this pattern as your own as it is copyright as my own and took me many trials and errors to perfect is as much as possible for everyone to enjoy. Don’t forget to share on Instagram and Facebook and tag me so I can see all your Mermazing holders ^-^ also use #MermazingFunPops and #MHpattern so I can see ❤ Thank you so much for your support.


7 Comments Add yours

  1. Heather says:

    I’m confused about step 1. How do I end up with 14 stitches here? Thank you!


    1. Hello when you hdc in 2nd and after you’re going to hdc 3 in the last st making the work rotate a bit to where you will hdc now on the bottom of your just worked hdc Row. So instead of ch turn, you hdc around the starting chain


  2. Thank you so very much for the free mermaid pattern, I haven’t made it yet but I will. Thanks again


  3. Khat says:

    I tried out your pattern, and figured it out, though I confused myself a bit with it, honestly (Totally my bad, I reversed the parts, and couldn’t figure out why what I was working on didn’t look like what I thought it should.) As a suggestion, perhaps you should rename the section you have marked as ‘tail’ to ‘holder’ or something like that. Personally, when I think tail on a fish, I think the fin. That could just be me.

    I did edit it slightly. I hate sewing, so I did the fin first, and then, instead of cutting the yarn at the end, crocheted the first row of the holder section in the front loop of the edge row, and then went around to the back loop, and went up from there. Looks nicer, I think, and I feel it’s a bit easier.


    1. Hey ! Thats actually a good alternative to make the pattern in one continuous project ♡ Im so glad you got it after all ^-^ thank you so much for sharing that little crochet hack ♡


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