Shark Fun Pop Cozy

A few weeks ago I released the Mermazing Fun Pop Holder and one of my amazing followers @angelbunny_creations made a version to look like a shark and it screeeeeeamed CUTENESS !! You can see more of her amazing creations on her Instagram HERE,

I’ve also had many ask if I planned to do a Shark version and at the time I didn’t think of it but since Shark Week is around the corner I thought “Why Not ?” So a Hungry Shark themed Freeze Pop Cozy for boys it is!! Because we all know little boys don’t really like Mermaids as much as little girls do haha, so let’s get started ^-^


*** For an ad-free PDF Download you can purchase one for a small fee on my RAVELRY or my ETSY ***

This Pattern is a modification of my Mermazing Fun Pop Holder Pattern with added features to make it look like a hungry shark 🙂 Rawrr ! Also I’m using terms some might not know when it came to the pieces made to make the Sharkie so I made a little picture to show which pieces are which, also how cool is it we know a little bit more about Shark parts now ??! 😉



– CH- Chain
– Sl St- Slip Stitch
– SC- Single Crochet
– HDC- Half Double Crochet
– INC- Increase (2sc in same stitch)
– BLO- Back Loop Only
– SK- Skip
– ST- Stitch
– PICOT- (SC, ch2 and Sl St in 1st, SC) in same stitch


For these rows you’re going to Sl St to the 1st St of the Row and Ch1 to start the next Row ♡


  1. Hdc in 2nd ch from hook, hdc  in 4 after (5 total) 3hdc in last st, *turn work so you’re working on opposite side of the starting chain*,  hdc in 4st, 2hdc in next (14)

2-11– hdc in each st, sl st to first and ch1 (14)

**Tie Off and weave in any loose ends**

Tail Fin

in each row for this pattern you’re going to ch1 and turn to start the next row 🙂


  1. 1sc in 2nd ch from hook and each after (8)
  2. (BLO) Sc in 7 (7)
  3. (BLO) Sk1, sc in 6 (6)
  4. (BLO) sc in 5 (5)
  5. (BLO) Sk1, sc in 4 (4)
  6. (BLO) sc in 3 (3)
  7. (BLO) Inc, sc in 2 (4)
  8. (BLO) sc in 3, Inc (5)
  9. (BLO) Inc, sc in 4 (6)
  10. (BLO) sc in 5, Inc (7)
  11. (BLO) Inc, sc in 6 (8) Don’t Tie Off ! Continue to make the Edge


Ch1, Sc 5 across the top ( In rows 10, 8, 6, 4 & 2) , Inc in the corner, Sc 6 along the side, Picot in the corner, Sc12 across the bottom, Picot in the corner, Sc 6 along side, Sl St to 1st st of the Edging

 ** Tie Off, leave long tail to sew Fin to the bottom of the tail**


Right here we’re going to be making the mouth at the top of the tail now. So lay the piece flat like shown in the first pic and sl st with gray to start the top and bottom jaws ^-^


  1. hdc in 7st (7)
  2. ch1 turn, sk1, hdc in 4, hdc2tog (5)
  3. ch1 turn, sk1,hdc in 2, hdc2tog (3)
  4. ch1 turn, sk1, hdc2tog (1)

**Tie off, repeat for other side of mouth slip stitching as shown in 2nd pic**

***Once finished with your mouth it should look like the 3rd pic now***


with White yarn and C (2.75mm) hook

Sl St on mouth or wherever you prefer to start the teeth (it doesn’t really matter where you start )

ch3, sl st in 2nd from hook and 1sc in next, sl st in next st on the mouth (see pics for example) now repeat for the whole row making teeth on the top and bottom jaws 🙂

Dorsal Fin

these rows are worked in continuous rows so no slip stitching to start a new row, a stitch marker would really help to keep track of the 1st stitch of the row 🙂

  1. 4sc in Magic Loop (4)
  2. *1sc, inc* repeat (6)
  3. 1sc around (6)
  4. *2sc, inc* repeat (8)
  5. 1sc around (8)
  6. *3sc, inc* repeat (10)

**Tie Off, leave long tail to sew on top of Shark **


For the eyes it’s simple, just get a long piece of black yarn and embroider it and tie it off inside the shark like shown

Pectoral Fins (2)

You’re going to make the pectoral fins on each side of the shark 🙂

Sl St on side of shark, in that same space make 2hdc, ch2 and sl st in that same space. Tie Off and weave in the ends. Repeat on the other side of the shark to make the 2nd fin.

Wait Sharkie, no……NOOOOOO!!!!! Stop trying to eat my materials !!!

Just Kidding lol but you’re done !!! Now to give the kids (or keep for yourself 😉 and ENJOY !!! Happy Shark Week ^-^

For Etsy PDF download click HERE


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